Large Marquee Hire

Are you planning or organising a large gathering, party or event? All Style marquees can help if you are looking to host your guests outside as we have marquees that can suit parties for up to 500 people, depending on the type of seating arrangement you decide upon. Our Clear Span Marquees are the best choice if you are looking for large marquee hire as they work in a modular fashion and can be extended from 3 meters to any length to give you your desired amount of space.

Large Marquee Hire Size Guide:

Marquee TypeSeats At The TablesSeats At The Tables With DancefloorNumber Seated
6x6m pagoda36045
6x12m pagoda723690
8.5×11.5m capri504080
8.5x22m capri10080160
11.5x17m capri10080160
10.5x15m stretch8550100
15x21m stretch190150220
10.5x30m stretch190150220
6x9m clear span604075
6x12m clear span806095
6x15m clear span10075115
6x18m clear span12090135
9x6m clear span604075
9x9m clear span9060110
9x12m clear span12080140
9x15m clear span150100170
9x18m clear span180120200
9x21m clear span210140230
9x24m clear span240150260
9x27m clear span270170300
9x30m clear span300200320
12x9m clear span12080135
12x12m clear span160120175
12x15m clear span200160215
12x18m clear span240200255
12x21m clear span280240295
12x24m clear span320275335
12x27m clear span360300450
12x30m clear span400320500

For Weddings

We know that the cost of a wedding can easily spiral out of control. Marquees are a fantastic way of lowering the cost. If you have access to a reasonable amount of space our marquees can be positioned near buildings and can be built on nearly any surface. The clear span marquees we use have no ropes or poles around or inside the structure and so you and your guests get an unobstructed view of the proceedings. We are also able to provide all the extras to make your wedding not only memorable but easy! From carpets, hard flooring and dancefloors to tables and lighting, we have it all covered.

For Corporate Events

Other than wedding marquee hire, corporate marquee hire is one of our most requested services. Be it for the end of year party or an awards ceremony a marquee can be a brilliant way to put on a fantastic event without breaking the bank. We are able to offer added extras to your event and will help in any way we possibly can to make your event unique and put everything in place so your guests/colleagues have a fantastic time.

If you are looking for large scale marquee hire then why not get in touch with us and see how we can help you. You can call us on 01234851393 or drop us an email to