Corporate Marquee Hire

All Style Corporate Marquees

At All Style Marquees we pride ourselves on our professional services for all corporate marquee hire occasions. Our company is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the upmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs and requirements. Our Marquees are extremely versatile and can be set out in a variety of shapes, sizes and layouts to suit your needs, giving you the control to design your event from start to finish. Our Marquees can be used for anything, from shade on them beautiful sunny days to complete cover with heating for them cold winter parties.

Why Choose Us For Corporate Marquees?

All Style Marques are hire specialists with a large range of different marquees and equipment. We have many years of experience working with marquee hire. We aim to create the perfect environment for your event, eliminating hassle and sticking to your budget. Marquees can be a very versatile structure for any medium sized event. Marquees can be adjusted in size, giving you flexibility to stay with a budget but get the minimum space you need. A marquees can cope with items being attached to it’s frame, meaning you will be able to hang things up such as lighting.

Why Use A Marquee For Your Corporate Event?

We understand that a corporate client requires premium marquee structures, we aim to supply the highest quality experience for everyone at every event e supply for. We understand that every corporate event is going to have a different audience with different goals. Whether it is a charity dinner or an awards ceremony, we aim to help you reach objectives with a professionally delivered solution. Every inquiry and booking receives our undivided attention with the aim to create the perfect event tailored to your exact needs.


What Is A Corporate Marquee?

A corporate marquee is what would be used for a corporate event. A corporate event is an event for a large company or organisation. A few examples of what a corporate marquee may be hire out for are: exhibitions, promotional events, products launches or sports events. Large modular marquesses are often used for corporate events, because they are modular, giving the options for extras such as lighting and furnishing.

Why Would I choose To Use A Marquee?

A marquee is a creative alternative to a traditional venue. It gives you the opportunity to mingle with your guests in places and locations which would have otherwise been unavailable as a venue. Generally speaking, hiring a marquee can save you a lot of money. This can bring you advantages in other aspects of the event, such as having more money to spend on other aspects of the event such as lighting and decorations.  

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