Capri Marquee Hire

At All Style Marquees we are pleased to offer our Capri Marquees, it’s modern and spacious design is dramatically different from the more typical marquee you may be familiar with. Its sweeping appearance using minimal stakes, poles and ropes is truly remarkable. Their graceful curves mirror the natural environment around you, and the open sided design enables you to see right through the tent with no broken sight-lines.

Our Capri Style Marquee is ideal for many occasions from a small garden party with furniture to wedding blessings, wedding parties and  corporate functions accommodating a hundred or more guests. Our marquees come in several sizes and can cater for small intimate events such as garden parties through to banquets and dinners of 150 or more.
The Capri Marquee’s can be joined together to make any shape or size you require. They can be joined together using their specially designed gutters to make large and unique spaces to host those larger events.

Our testimonials show that we deliver the greatest service of any rival in this industry and with marquees, the right lighting and some special accessories, we can make your weddings or other events worth remembering.

Length 8.5m (28ft) / Width 11.5m (38ft) / Height 4.8m (16ft)

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